SRP’s new MODULUS Adaptive Modulating Infrared Tube Heater

Sometimes its better to wait and not be the first to market with a product, choosing to further develop a new technology with better concepts. This is precisely how the AM series Modulating tube heater by SRP came into being. Early modulating heaters by two other manufacturers had come up with expensive, control laden heaters with less than stellar performance. What good is it to have units from these suppliers installed in Northern Alberta buildings (aka severe climates) when the cost of replacement parts is so prohibitive due to the clunky technology of the heater, that parts are unavailable for weeks on end? What service have you provided to the end user?


Setting out to create a product that had as many common parts as possible, while expanding the performance parameters of the heater to give it more flexibility, became the driver of the development of the series AM heater project by the SRP engineering group. Now available, the AM heater series , trade named the MODULUS, features adaptive technology, an industry leading 40% modulating differential, and is available in rates from 80,000 to 200,000 BTU/hr.


Meeting the space heating demand accurately is the key to both occupant comfort, and annual heating savings. To this end a true modulating heater controlled by a demand type thermostat/controller that can quickly and accurately match its output to the comfort requirements of the space will provide fuel savings up to 30% over standard infrared heaters.

Adaptive Technology

The MODULUS automatically adjusts air and gas to properly regulate the output of the heater with up to a 40% modulating differential - the largest in the industry. Whereas competitor heaters typically require a complicated and expensive interface, MODULUS has a direct analog signal, meaning no interface. MODULUS reads the room and adjust itself accordingly - it is not pre-programmed. This steady, level stream of energy is what creates energy efficiency and ideal occupant comfort by eliminating drastic swings in temperature.

Unique Quick Start Function

MODULUS heaters incorporate a unique quick start function. Starting in a low fire position to establish combustion, the heater quickly amps up to full high fire rate to warm up the heat exchanger so that heat output is more immediate. Once the quick start cycle is complete the heater responds to its demand input signal, matching the requirements of the space as described above.