Welcome to our new website

Welcome to Qualitec's new website! We've been working on it to help you  find information about Qualitec and the products we work with easier. Most of the time you are looking for specific information from one of our manufacturers websites, and with our new layout, you will be able to find it more directly. Some of you simply want to see the different products we sell, and you can now do so quickly. The physical locations of our two branches are displayed directly on the first page, with a link to a map page to help you find us without too much trouble. 

Our manufacturers invest a lot of time and effort keeping their own websites current, so we want to provide a seamless portal to all of them, while providing you with relevant information about us at the same time. To this end we have created the blog page where we can post technical and other seasonal product information quickly, and frequently. This has replaced our long running Infrared Gazette newsletter, back copies of which can be found here on the website for reference. The IR Gazette was published for 16 years, 2 - 3 times a year, and covered many good technical subjects, so it is worth a look from time to time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. There will be many more added as time goes by!


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