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Keep Your Garage Warm Over the Winter.

Garage Heater in Edmonton

Maintaining a warm garage is not just a luxury but often a necessity in our harsh Canadian winters. Whether you operate a business out of your garage, are designing an enviable man cave, or need a warm place to store your belongings, SRP’s radiant garage heating systems offer the best overall performance in the industry. Unlike forced air heaters, radiant heaters produce infrared waves that heat the objects in a space rather than the air. These systems are more energy-efficient and thus more cost-effective for the consumer. They are the number 1 choice for Garage Heaters in Edmonton.

The new SRP GRT 2 stage garage heaters boast a high radiant factor, high energy efficiency, design flexibility and installed deco grille. The preassembled construction ensures no loose parts, simplified installation, low maintenance, and maximum safety, all of which translate to lower costs.

Qualitec draws on years of experience in distributing garage heaters, making it easy for us to guide you in determining which system would best meet your specialized garage needs. We offer a personalized approach where our expert staff help you with product selection, design, and optimal layout for your heating system. In doing so, we consider the following variables:

  • Correct sizing and placement of heater in a given space.
  • Usage of garage space
  • Capacity and range of particular heating system

We recognize that not all garages are used as a place to store your car, and as a result, we take the time and effort to ensure the ideal product selection for your space and usage.

Adding a heater to your garage adds more than just heat; it brings comfort and value to your overall space. Let us help transform your garage from cold to “cool” by adding the sleek designs and superior technology and performance of the SRP garage heater series.

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